An historic royal ceremony took place at the Emerald Buddha Temple yesterday for the inscription of two royal golden plaques and the engraving of the Royal Seal of State.


One of the plaques carries the name of HM King Maha Vajiralongkorn, while the other carries his birth horoscope.

These plaques together with the Royal Seal of State will be used at the King’s coronation next month.

The current monarch, known as King Rama X, is the only son of HM the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej and HM Queen Sirikit. King Rama X ascended the throne after the passing of his father in October 2016. Preparations are currently under way for the grand coronation of the King. The monarch assigned Admiral Mom Chao Pusarn Sawasdiwat to represent him at the royal ceremony for the |inscription of two royal golden plaques and the engraving of the Royal Seal of State yesterday.

Pusarn arrived at the Emerald Buddha Temple at 9.30am. Upon arrival, he paid his respects to the Emerald Buddha. Royal astrologer Chatchai Pin-ngern, who was chosen for the inscription of the King’s birth horoscope, royal craftsman Suntorn Wilai, who was chosen to engrave the Seal of State, and a chosen letter official, also paid their respects to the sacred statue. They then sat at tables prepared for their job.

During the work of inscription and engraving, monks chanted prayers, royal astrologers sounded gongs, Brahmin priests blew conch shells and musicians played various instruments on the auspicious occasion.

After the inscription and engraving were completed, the chief of Brahmin priests anointed the royal golden plaques and the Seal of State.

The last time Thailand had organised such a ceremony was on April 21, 1950. Back then, the ceremony was held for the current monarch’s father, who reigned for seven decades until his passing in 2016.

Next Friday, the two royal golden plaques and the Royal Seal of State that were prepared at yesterday’s ritual will be moved from the Emerald Buddha Temple to the Baisal Daksin Throne Hall.

On May 4, the three-day Royal Coronation ceremony will start. The ritual on May 4 is considered the most important when the royal golden plaques and the Royal Seal of State will be presented to the King along with the Royal Regalia, the ancient and auspicious orders and the weapons of sovereignty. After the crowning and investiture ceremony, the King will present the First Royal Command.


(Source: The Nation)