Rubber Worker Recounts Bear Attack In Buri Ram


Picture: Siam Rath


A rubber worker currently in hospital has spoken to the Thai media about how he was lucky to escape death after a bear attack in a plantation in the north eastern Thai province of Buri Ram.


Only the intervention of thirty eight year old Sukhum Hoisang’s mother and younger brother saved him.


Sukhum is in Nang Rong hospital with wounds to his right arm and left hand that have left him with broken bones and fingers following the attack in Ban Dong Yai, Pakham district.


He said that he has been working in the area for about a year and had heard stories about locals being attacked and even killed by bears, wild elephants and gaurs; but despite taking precautions he never thought it would happen to him.



Picture: Siam Rath


He had gone to cut slits in rubber trees and maintain them with chemicals along with his 57 year old mother and brother, 37.


He heard a noise from some undergrowth and a one meter tall, 50 kilogram bear came out. He stumbled and the bear attacked him holding onto his arm for several minutes in its mouth.


The bear had been nursing at the time and was clearly protecting its offspring.


Only the intervention of his relatives in beating back the bear saved him from a worse fate, he said.


(Source: – Siam Rath)

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