In two previous articles we’ve told you about how Ruben van Beek has been helping the poorer people of Isan, firstly by introducing them to successful pig farming and then by providing schools with clean drinking water.

He has now taken things a stage further by forming a company called H2O Water Systems.Co., Ltd. Through this enterprise Ruben can provide clean, safe water for drinking and bathing in factories, offices, schools, restaurants, bars , homes- in fact anywhere there is a demand for it.

Let Ruben tell you in his own words what his company is all about.


We offer solutions to all kinds of problems related to the quality of the water you drink and the water you use for your household activities like bathing, cooking, brushing teeth etc.

Did you ever wonder where your daily water is coming from or what it might contain ?Are you sure that all water has been treated with a proper filtration system in order to make it safe for your health ?

The quality standards of all used water in Isaan differ a lot from the standards that we are used to in western countries. PLEASE DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THAT !

Water in these areas often contain heavy metals, chemicals, excessive amounts of undesired minerals, fertilizers, pesticides, and bacteria such as E-coli and fecal coliform.

Water filtration of both drinking and household water is certainly not done in the right or adequate way to guarantee you safe and clean water.

H2O water systems can help you to get in control of your water quality by installing the right filtration system in your own house.

100 % clean and safe water for drinking and/or household use IS guaranteed.


Enjoy the comfort of having safe and clean water for drinking and household purposes straight from your tap without laying the responsibility for good health in the hands of people you don’t know.

Besides water filtration equipment we also offer swimming pool pumps , ice cube makers and hot/cold water machines that include reverse osmosis systems which results in high alkaline drinking water  with a great flavour.

For more information check out www.h2o.in.th  or info@h2o.in.th . English speakers can contact Ruben on 0916731316 .

If you would like to speak to us in person, we are in the centre of Satuk. At the big market place behind the supermarket Satuk Plaza, go diagonaly opposite the TOT office and we are next to the computer shop “Chat It”. We hope to be opening another office in Buriram city in the very near future.




By Juninho