School Girl Shot Dead In Crossfire As Rival Gangs Fight In Buriram

Picture: Sanook
A M4 school girl in Na Pho, Buriram in Thailand’s north eastern region was killed on Saturday.
Poy, 16, was chosen to represent her school in a silk fabric festival due to her poise and beauty.
But she was hit as rival gangs on motorcycles shot at each other after she went to cheer on contestants at the show.
She was riding pillion with her boyfriend Kittiphat who was also hit in the back in the crossfire.
The victim’s body was at a wake in Ban Hua Fai.
Picture: Sanook
Her mother Saifon, 39, was screaming: “Why didn’t I die instead, why did they take her”.
In floods of tears she had to be consoled by relatives such was her grief, reported Sanook.
She said that her daughter had represented the school as a standard bearer before and had once again been chosen.
She said that friends of her daughter had shown her a post she made of a statue crying what looked like blood.
Picture: Sanook
She said that this was an omen of the tragedy to follow.
Her boyfriend regretted the timing saying that if only he had left the festival at a different time they would not have got caught up in the trouble.
Meanwhile Poy’s father just came back from Taiwan and was in state quarantine. He was unaware of his daughter’s death and Saifon called on the authorities to inform him of the tragedy without delay.
(Source: – Sanook)

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