Senior Boyfriend Seeker Goes To Police After Fake Nude Photos Posted On LINE

Sompong put up a sign outside her home last week. It said, “A woman aged 65, looking for a boyfriend aged 60-70. Widower on pension. I’m kind, sincere and healthy. If you’re interested, contact here.” Then nude photos were posted on LINE.

A 65-year-old divorcee in Ubon Ratchathani, who recently made headlines for putting up a sign on her home stating that she was looking for love, filed a police report yesterday after fake nude photos of her circulated on the LINE chatting app.

Sompong Chomphuprapet denied the woman in the photos was her and brought the pictures to the Phibun Mangsahan police to stop people from sharing them.

She said the nudes belonged to a woman who looks similiar to her, and she doesn’t know where they came from. The photos were incorporated in a collage that includes a snap of Sompong’s boyfriend search sign, making it appear that Sompong was the woman in the photos.

Sompong said that after she announced her search for a boyfriend (specifically, a retired government worker with a pension), there has only been one man who approached her, but she rejected him because his monthly pension payment was only THB8,000.

Sompong, however, said she received a letter from a 50-year-old woman who wanted to get in touch with the man she turned down, so she gave the woman his number so they could get together.

 How sweet.

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