Sex For Promotion To Be Stopped In Thailand

Does this only happen in Thailand?

A government agency has started a program to make sure that state employees are not using prostitutes’ services as gifts for their bosses.

Minister of Social Development and Human Security (MSDHS) Adul Sangsingkeo is working with his team to find ways to stop the practice of liang doo poo sua among government employees.

This practice means that junior employees often pay for their advancement as government workers by providing sex services for their seniors to say thank you or to celebrate a milestone or victory in their promotion, as reported by the Bangkok Post.

Pol. Gen. Adul noted that many of these services may be from very young or trafficked women.

The initiative follows recent cases where senior officials in Mae Hong Son, including the governor, were caught buying sex services from teen girls; and another in Nonthaburi that involved 23 officials accused of having sex-for-pay with teens.

Part of Pol. Gen. Adul’s plan is to set up a group to inspect places suspected of offering sex services to check for government workers as well as educating young women about how to protect themselves from the sex trade. He also wants to teach officials about why the old practice of liang doo poo sua is unacceptable.




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