Penis 0  Knife 1 !

It was Lorena and John Bobbitt all over again as a wife cut off her husband’s penis. The official motive for the attack has not been released though we will not be holding a “Guess Why ” competition !!

Surgeons in northern Lampang province helped a man by reattaching his penis on Saturday after his wife used a kitchen knife to chop his private part off.

The 45-year-old man, whose name was withheld, was transferred to Lampang Hospital from a hospital in the nearby Phayao province as the doctors and nurses brought in the chopped off organ in a bag of ice.

Surgeons specializing in plastic surgery and urinary systems teamed up to take care of the victim.

The surgeons successfully reattached his genitals and then realigned his urinary tract. However, the specialists said that he will not be able to have an intercourse again due to the severe damage in the ligaments and the nerves.

The victim is now recovering at the hospital.

(Source: Sanook and Coconuts)

By Juninho