Siam Kid D School
Regular readers will be aware by now that I was  a primary school teacher in Blackpool for 34 years in a top private school. I have often been a critic of Thai education so it gives me great pleasure to bring you a school in Buriram that really delivers the goods.
Siam Kid D School provides an excellent all-round education for children aged 18 months to 6 years old.
It begins with Pre-Kindergarten (Pre K) 18 months to 3 years old.
The children then move up as follows:-
Kindergarten 1  3-4 years.
Kindergarten 2  4-5 years.
Kindergarten 3  5-6 years.
There will never be any more than 12 children in a class and the staff consists of 11 qualified teachers. The manager is Diane Brooks, an English lady who is rightly proud of her school.
Manager Diane Brooks with a happy “customer”.
The following is a brief resume of how the school sees itself.
“Making decisions related to your child’s education is never easy. Having a language barrier to deal with is another obstacle that can make things even harder. At Siam Kid D School we provide:
Friendly, native English speaking teachers that help to remove any communication barriers and provide parents with constructive feedback with their child’s progress.
A safe and secure environment for children to explore in.
Play linked to learning is an important feature of school life.
Friendly and inviting opportunities for children to take part in a vast range of school activities.
We have an exciting collection of reading materials that cover both English and Thai and are suitable for all reading levels in our school’s program. Students enjoy listening and interacting with their teachers and friends whilst being taken on inspiring adventures that trigger imagination and creative thinking.
Siam Kid D School is the first kindergarten school in Buriram to implement the British Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum – This provides the ideal setting to allow students to develop at their own pace.
Students are provided with opportunities to have new experiences – to see and feel new things for the first time. When ready, students are given responsibilities within the school as part of their daily routine.
This encourages independence and builds confidence. Students enjoy learning through play, in controlled environments. The school aims to provide an educational experience that helps children to succeed in all areas of early development.
We also encourage creativity and confidence in students when making choices of their own which sparks an interest to explore and discover the beauty of the world around them.
It is a charming school with a warm welcome. (I entirely agree !)”
Here is an unsolicited message from a Thai parent:-
  “This is a great school with a warm welcome and big smile.

The school’s goals for Pre-kindergarten class are to encourage them to do the right things, to improve their way of living, to prepare them for the next level of study and to make them happy.

With those main goals for small children however, the school has never neglected the academic studies . They find the way to teach subjects through activities. All children can understand the various topics without simply sitting and memorizing it. There are no exams for small children here, so they can learn things with no pressure.

The expression on the children’s faces is worth a thousand words.

In modern life, only one language is not enough for the new generation. The school is trying to make all children get used to a second language, English. Native English speakers are hired to prepare all students to become a generation of bilingual people in the future.

For me, I believe, with their warm arms and heart, they can guide my daughter to be a good person and to be ready for the next level of her life.”

Attractive school uniform.
 Summing up, I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the school and hope I can return. I am enjoying my retirement but if in the future an opportunity arose for me to work there then I wouldn’t hesitate.
More information can be found here.
Or call 044602070
438/9 Thani Road,
Nai Muang Buriram,
Buriram 31000,

By Juninho