Not a clear picture of kindergarten violence.(Photo:-Thai Rath)

Thai media is increasingly asking the question:

“When is the violence perpetrated against children in Thai schools going to stop?”

Media comment on a latest CCTV video said that the violence is a “common occurrence” in Thai schools. The headline said: Here we go again.

Netizens are again quoted as being outraged by the violence. While the education authorities predictably try to hush it up.

Abusers are let off and given ample opportunity to continue assaulting children at will.

The latest six minute video features over the top violence against a number of defenceless three and four year old children by a teaching assistant or nanny. She is referred to as a “phi liang”.

Taken from a day in August it has been uploaded to the Mem Pho Dam site.

It shows a woman repeatedly pull, drag, punch and violently shake a number of children. One boy is repeatedly whacked with what appears to be a ruler just because he wants to walk around the class.

Others have their hair pulled and are yanked into line.

Other adults in the class treat it as normal – no one lifts a finger to help the children or suggest alternative approaches.

Information posted online with the video said that parents at the kindergarten had gone to the authorities and been told to drop it. The woman concerned was allowed to continue under a three strikes and you’re out policy.

Parents no longer wanted to send their scared little ones to school, they said.

They posed a question to the education department: “If that was your child how would you feel?”

As is all too common in such stories, no one and no place is actually named.

Having been a primary school teacher for thirty-four years, I find all this incomprehensible and very distressing. I loved my job and care deeply about young children. Of course discipline is important but there can be no place for pure violence.

Never mind sacking these bullies, they should be arrested and imprisoned. Lord help anyone who ever treats our Thai granddaughter in this barbaric fashion.

(Source:-Thai Rath)


By Juninho