Sign Nothing At The Police Station………Trust Your Lawyer Says Lawyer !

Advice from lawyer.

A lawyer has given the benefit of his experience  when it comes to handing matters of compensation at police stations.

Ratchaphon Sirisakhorn gave a five point checklist to the Thai public.

This will hopefully protect people from admitting to things they didn’t do and being blamed.


For many people going to a police station after accidents might be their first experience in such circumstances. It can be confusing and stressful.

Ratchaphon suggested the following:

1. Read everything.

2. Make sure you understand everything – don’t sign if you have not grasped everything.

3. Make sure that parts that are contentious are changed properly before you sign.

4. Get a lawyer to help out.

5. Don’t believe people who say they are acting in your interests. Believe your lawyer.

He also cautioned to be careful in compensation matters adding that just because you have paid compensation or agreed to pay they may be other claims that have to be dealt with.

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