Smokers beware: You’ll Be Fined 5,000 Baht If Caught Lighting Up In Bus Stations And Markets Nationwide

Picture: INN


Smokers have been warned about lighting up in public places as Covid-19 authorities crack down on them amid the easing of coronavirus regulations.


The Thai authorities are targeting bus stations and markets for action.


INN reported that smokers would obviously not be wearing masks and would represent a chance of spreading the virus now that many people are returning to bus stations and markets.


Dr Chaiyanan Sitthibut and his team along with anti alcohol groups were at Mo Chit 2 bus station in Bangkok yesterday where 11 people were fined.


Smokers face up to 5,000 baht in fines with a 50,000 baht fine for organisations that allow smoking on their premises.


Thaivisa notes that smoking in such places has been banned for years but is often not enforced. The emergence from the lockdown looks set to change that as less tolerance is shown to smokers.


(Source: – INN)

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