“Sorry – We Didn’t Use Our Brains” – Seafood Restaurant Staff In “Crotch Drama” Apologize

Picture: Daily News

“Sorry – we didn’t use our brains” – Seafood restaurant staff in “Crotch Drama” apologize

The staff of a seafood restaurant at the centre of an “online drama” on Thai social media have apologized for inappropriate behaviour.

One of the staff members of “Sathanee Mee Hoi” (the place of shellfish) was shown in a video showing his crotch to a little girl in a show at a market.

She tried to get away but the twerking man pursued her thinking it was all great fun.

All the goading male staff on the sidelines were dressed up as women.

Now they have all wai-ed and apologized for their actions.

They said they did not use their brains and would do better in the future.

The story received widespread attention on Thai social media where the actions of the restaurant staff were deemed as highly inappropriate.

Source: Daily News


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