Spanish Tourist Warns Thais That They Need To Keep Their Country Litter-Free

Spanish tourist warns Thais about litter.(Photo:-TNews)

In an eloquent plea to the people of Thailand he said that their country was paradise but in ten years it would all be gone – along with all the money from tourism.

The video was posted on the Facebook page of “Alexander Maxnort”. It featured a Spanish tourist called “Albero” who said this was his first visit to Thailand.

Being interviewed by another man on a sandy beach he said that he was very disappointed by what he had seen in Thailand.

He spoke in slightly broken English but his message was as clear as the bright day when the video was filmed.

When he went to the beach he just saw lots of rubbish – cigarette ends, plastic, paper – piles of it.

“You are making a lot of money from tourism, revenues are very high,” he said.

“In ten years you will not have the paradise that you have here today.”

Warning that tourists will just go elsewhere he advised that police be posted on every beach and start fining people up to 100,000 baht for littering.

“If you don’t it will cost you four times as much to get back what you have lost.”

He said his message was for everyone in power.

“Today you have paradise in ten years it will disappear.”

And in a final chilling indictment of those who would mess up the beauty of the country he added:

“Take care of your country. I am disappointed and angry for all the things that I have seen.”

He has a point. Thailand is a very beautiful country. However, litter is a major problem and not just on beaches. It needs the authorities to provide more litter bins but it also needs the Thai people to make more of an effort to keep their country clean.

Schoolchildren need to be targeted at an early age so they can develop a different attitude to littering.


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