Special Tourist Visa: Good News For Scandinavians And Aussies/New Zealanders



Channel 7 quoted TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) chief Yuthasak Suphasorn as saying that the recently announced Special Tourist Visa (STV) would target foreign tourists from countries where there had been no Covid-19 infection for 28 days or where the risk of transmission was deemed low.


He mentioned Scandinavia and in particular Sweden, Norway and Finland. He also singled out Australians and New Zealanders as being welcome come the end of the year.


He reiterated that the new visa meant people would go through a 14 day quarantine, be subject to tracing, have to have a 72 hour non-Covid certificate and take a direct flight.


It would bring in 1.2 billion baht a month to stimulate the economy, said the media.


(Source: – Channel 7)

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