Ready to tee off on the 1st

Sribrirak Golf Course in Khon Kaen is a 9 hole course located within the grounds of an Agricultural Co-operative. Hence locals call it The Agricultural or simply `The Ag’ as the actual name is difficult to pronounce. It’s 15 km from Central Plaza in Khon Kaen. Take Highway 2 heading south and then turn left onto the 208 to Kosum, as if you were heading for Singha Park Golf. It`s opposite The Khon Kaen Brewery factory.

Many local golfers, including myself really like the course. You can play 9 or 18 if you go around twice. Its not expensive at 230 baht midweek. But don`t expect Singha Park type facilities. The 9 holes are a par 36 and enough to challenge any handicap. You can now hire carts as well, again not top of the range, but for 200 baht it saves the legs. Either way it is a very picturesque course with fields surrounding it, trees and water.

As for facilities, the driving range has fallen into disrepair and is no longer usable. The chip & put area is usable but no much better. There are toilets but no locker rooms. There is a place where you can sit and buy snacks and drinks. There are several places around the course where you can buy a bag of reclaimed balls for 100 baht. You might come across your own balls that went diving so to speak. They open up at 6:30 but if the receptionist isn`t there, they rely on your good will after the round. The caddies are a mixed bag. Some good, some not.

As for the course. The Fairways are quite generous but with a little too much grass. The bunkers are only set around the greens, none too deep but need a little more sand. The Greens are reasonably consistent with some undulations. There’s plenty of water in the shape of small lakes or streams, which come into play on 5 holes. If you go in the rough, you`ll know about it – trees, ditches, long grass. The Tee Boxes could all do with being a bit more level but are not too bad.

Hole 1 Par 4 Tee shot over water, then a good 2nd shot needed to get on the green

Hole 2 Par 4 Plenty of fairway to hit off the tee, 2nd shot needs to be accurate as rough & bunkers await

Hole 3 Par 3 A decent iron over marsh land to a wickedly sloping green

Hole 4 Par 5 3 good shots to get you on the green. The 2nd shot over water and past a large tree is crucial

Hole 5 Par 4 A scrawny looking tree stands about 40 yards in front of the Tee Box. Get your drive anywhere past that onto the fairway and you`re looking at a chip on to a wide and relatively flat green

Hole 6 Par 4 The dog leg left needs a drive far enough to give you an approach shot to the green. Without that the hole becomes much harder

Hole 7 Par 4 Lots of fairway, then the green is protected all around by a bunker, hill, rough and water at the back

Hole 8 Par 5 A large tree in the middle of the fairway made a 2nd or 3rd shot difficult. Since the tree was blown down the hole is still hard but much easier

Hole 9 Par 3 The longest of the 2 par 3s`. Needs a good shot onto a large but sloping green over water.

They have 3 sets of tees and Khon Kaen Golf – has all the distances.

What I like about this course is that it has something for players, of all abilities, is not in a bad condition but also the relaxed atmosphere, especially midweek when it`s less crowded.


Finished at the 9th