The Other Stars of Racing at the Buriram International Circuit

Barry Russel out and about early doing his inspections

The people, without whose efforts, we would not be able to enjoy our racing.

We have mentioned before our admiration of the efficiency and professional set up at the Buriram circuit by the officials, marshals and medical crews.

Medical Team

These people have to be in attendance during the whole weekend of the race events which usually amounts to a 12/14 hour working day.

Super stars at Buriram Chang International Circuit

The main image shows Barry Russell the jury president for FMCST/TSB racing association out early on Saturday morning doing a track inspection and meeting his team of lads and lasses officiating at the race meeting.

Medics and marshals race to aid riders.

We have added a recent photo from the ARCC championship meeting in Buriram. There was a serious accident and you can see from the picture that the bikes had not even come to rest, yet the medics and marshals reaction time is amazing as they race towards the stricken riders.

Report by Steve and Colin motor racing correspondents Buriram Times


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