Thais refuse to obey laws that they don’t agree with.

The Thai people are increasingly telling their own government where they can stick their plans for new laws.

And the government are backing down to the will of the people.

Even if they are convinced that the proposals are for the improvement of society and increased safety.

This was the overwhelming message from a Thai Rath investigation into the attitudes of the Thai people in today’s society.

As evidence of this they looked at opposition to three government initiatives.

Three initiatives that were forced to be abandoned as the people protested and won the day.

These were:

Proposals to ban sitting in the back of pick-ups.

Result: Put off and shelved after being ignored by the people.

The Single Internet Gateway touted as protecting the Thai people

Result: Abandoned

Heavy fines and jail terms for people without road licences.

Result: Looking every bit as likely to go the same way after back downs from the authorities.

Thai Rath did not mince their words saying that even initiatives that were for the good of the Thai people were being abandoned because they were refusing to obey laws they didn’t want to obey.

Online campaigns in particular were being effective in blocking new moves.

The message was clear: Lawlessness and refusal to follow the government was the order of Thai society.

Times comment:- Just about sums it all up. However, this should not prevent police from prosecuting bad and dangerous driving. Something has to be done about this and soon.

(Source:-Thai Rath)

By Juninho

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