Superbike Scottish Rider Racing In Buriram


Scottish rider Gary Johnson.

We now have a new local ex-pat to support racing superbikes in Thailand.

Motor Racing correspondant Colin from the “Buriram Times” was at the circuit yesterday and met up with Gary Johnson a new local face on the scene. Gary originally from Glasgow, has lived in the Issan area for some time and confirmed that he recently started racing competitively in Thailand.


Gary number 39 on Kawasaki


Gary has a passion for Ducati bikes on the road, however he chooses a 1000 cc Kawasaki for his track exploits.

He did his qualifying on Saturday and the Buriram Times will follow his updates and performance on Sunday.


Qualifying went OK


Gary is yet another rider we know that in the real world works offshore in the oil industry. As a privateer in the sport, Gary would welcome any sponsorship from local companies who could help him further his racing career,

Good luck to Gary at the race today.


Gary races out of the Buriram Home Team Garage


Report from Steve and Colin



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