Tai Yai Man: I Thought The Light Was Green,Truck driver: So did I.

Image: Sanook

Tai Yai man: I thought the light was green, Truck driver: So did I.

CCTV footage from Tak province in Thailand’s north-west showed a pick-up with 12 members of the Tai Yai community aboard slam into a ten wheel truck at a t-junction near Mae Sot.

It clearly showed that the truck driver had waited on red before going through on green.

Truck driver Detdiaw, 44, said he had done nothing wrong.

Pick-up driver Surathong, 46, claimed the light for him indicated green and he could go straight ahead.

Sanook said that 12 members of the Tai Yai community from Kamphang Phet were in the cab and bed of the pick-up, although from the footage it was difficult to ascertain exactly how many people were travelling in the pickup.

Seven including the driver suffered only minor injuries, Sanook said, while others were taken to hospital in a serious condition.

Surathong said that members of his family were on their way to a Christian ceremony that was to be held in Chiang Mai.

Source: Sanook

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