Tax Rebates Available On A Soapy Massage And Karaoke Lounge

Claim your tax back on a soapy massage !

Thai media has announced what many will see as welcome news from the government – you can claim your tax back on a soapy massage or a night at the karaoke lounge.

Sanook (Money) reported that the government’s “Shop for the Country 2017” tax break scheme will include two of the country’s most well-known vices.

The incentive will allow individual taxpayers to deduct up to 15,000 baht of taxable income for the purchase of goods and services from November 11th to December 3rd.

This is the third year of the scheme. Last year it only included retailers and distributors but this year it has been expanded.

Patricia Mongkhonvanit, deputy director general of the Revenue Department and acting spokeswoman, confirmed the tax breaks applied to soapy massage and karaoke.

The measures are designed to ‘stimulate’ the economy by encouraging spending and will likely cost the government 2 billion baht.

However, those thinking of a night out to help the country should beware – the tax breaks don’t apply to alcohol or cigarettes.

Just food and soft drinks and other “services”.

Not had one for a while but….”Only in Thailand !!”


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