Scottish teacher Harris Binotti is believed to be on the run in Thailand after he fled Myanmar hours after a colleague was found dead in his apartment following an alcohol-fuelled night out.

Harris Binotti. Originally from Dumfries

The battered body of Gary Ferguson, 47, a British colleague of Binotti’s at the Horizon International School in Burma’s capital, Yangon, was found by his distraught Thai wife, Supatchaya Sichompoo, on Sunday morning.

Gary Ferguson. Credit Facebook
Gary Ferguson. Credit Facebook

He had severe wounds to his head and chest.

Detectives believe the pair were very close friends but became involved in a violent dispute after an all-night drinking session.

Police do not believe a weapon was used in the attack and it appears he was beaten to death.

Binotti, 25, fled the scene, travelled to Yangon International Airport and boarded a plane bound for Thailand at 4.30pm on Saturday.

A friend of Binotti  claimed he was volatile when he took drugs and was quoted in the Daily Express stating “I honestly thought his habits would kill him – not cause him to kill someone else.”

Police believe he travelled to Bangkok and Interpol are now involved in the international manhunt.