Parents report assault to police. (Photo:-Daily News)

From Ayuthaya comes more sickening news of assault on children at a Thai school.

This time three children were taken to hospital after a teacher whacked them on the head with a stick for not wearing the correct uniform.

A total of 21 children were attacked by the teacher on Wednesday.

The director has set up a committee of investigation.

Yesterday four parents led by Theerasit Chunchawarj, 42, went to Bang Pahan police in Ayuthaya province to make a formal complaint.

The incident happened on Wednesday morning when the children arrived at the local school for a day when they were meant to wear scouts’ clothing.

Some were improperly attired according to the school rules.

Consequently the teacher hit 21 students in the head. Six complained of headaches and bumps on their heads – three were taken to hospital.

The director has been in touch with parents and has set up an inquiry ahead of a meeting next Wednesday.

There was no report about the teacher being suspended.

This is another unbelievable example of a teacher assaulting defenceless children. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty but the teacher concerned should have been automatically suspended for his own good.

If it is found that he is guilty of assault , dismissal is not an option. Jail time is if the message is to get across to these sadistic bullies.

(Source:Daily News)

By Juninho