Teacher had husband killed over affair.

The phrase, “Beware a woman scorned !” certainly comes into play here as a teacher paid gunmen 150,000 bht to have her cheating husband shot and killed in the Thung Song area of Nakorn Sri Thammarat.

Wichai Seedarort, 61, had just taken his wife to school on Friday morning on a motorcycle and was on his way home when he was shot three times in the back.

Two men had followed him from the school on another bike.

The gunman then coolly got off the bike and fired one more shot to finish him off. The hitmen are believed to be locals and are being hunted.

Thung Song police said a massive investigation was mounted after the 8am assassination and they soon had a warrant issued for the arrest of the victim’s wife Raewadee Seedarot, 55.

After an intense interrogation she broke down in tears and admitted that she had hired an intermediary to contact two gunmen to kill her husband.

Wichai was a former border ranger attached to the Sri Nakharin Camp 42 in the southern province.

The wife said that she had paid 17,000 baht up front and was due to pay the rest on completion of the crime. But she was arrested before she could pay.

She said she asked 39 year old Arundech (Dech) Janprung to arrange the hit. He has also been arrested but denies involvement.

Raewadee said she ordered the hit after confronting her husband many times over an affair with a young woman. She said that she was constantly beaten by him in relation to the affair that he would not end.

She could not tolerate his behavior so decided to have him shot.

Thung Song police said that Dech was likely to change his story when cops arrest the hired gunmen who they believe are locals in Thung Song. They expect an arrest shortly.

Police were patting themselves on the back for a job well done in a case of massive public interest in the area.

“We solved the crime in just one day,” said a spokesman at Thung Song station.

The local district chief said that the teacher wife had been suspended from her duties as the investigation continues.

Both her and the alleged organizer of the hit have been detained as the hunt for the gunmen continues.

It is always sad when any life is lost and the man certainly did not deserve to die. However, if the investigation reveals that the wife did indeed suffer physical abuse as well as having her husband’s infidelity pushed in her face, then a certain amount of sympathy can be shown to her.

Without moralising on infidelity, as there can be many reasons for that, no man has the right to physically abuse a woman or a woman a man. Sadly, in this country it is a far too common occurrence and it is difficult to see an answer.

Alcohol certainly comes into it, but more often than not the ingrained belief that a man can do what he likes to his wife lies at the root of the problem. Maybe in time things will change, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.

(Source: Thairath)




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