Student with shoes on head. (Photo:-Thai Rath)

Following the recent story about the teacher who made a student prostrate and crawl on the floor with his shoes on his head as a punishment, it has emerged that she has been ordered out of the class.

Though not named, the middle aged female teacher will be transferred to other duties while education authorities decide what to do next.

The local education chief has not minced his words in condemning her actions that shocked the Thai public.

The teacher has said she is stressed out, can’t sleep, has nightmares and complained that her symptoms of diabetes and high blood pressure have increased.

But no one asked the boy that she humiliated in front of classmates what he felt.

Now more details have emerged that, if anything, paint an even worse picture of what happened last week when the incident was secretly filmed and shared online.

The school has a rule that shoes must not be worn in class. When the boy in question walked in with his shoes on the teacher made him take them off and he at first refused.

So she made him graap (kowtow) repeatedly to his shoes before placing them on his head and repeating the punishment.

Associating shoes or feet with the head is repulsive in Thai culture.

Off camera, he was then made to crawl into class on all fours in front of his classmates, all so he wouldn’t break the rules again.

Area 29 education chief Adul Kongthong was highly critical of the woman’s behaviour. But he stopped short of saying that she would be sacked saying that she will be out of the class from today for “one to two weeks” transferred to other duties in a different place.

He said that even though the punishment was meant to teach the student a lesson it was inappropriate, wrong and over the top.

No child subjected to such punishment will want to come back to school after that,” he said, “and no child will want to be in that teacher’s class.

“No one can tolerate such behaviour, especially from a teacher”.

He said that the teacher concerned had spoken of not feeling good about what happened. She said she wanted to teach the children about school rules and didn’t think there would be a problem. She admitted she had been excessive, and accepted that she should move out of the school for a while as a committee decides her fate.

She spoke of her sleeplessness and medical conditions.

Adul said the move to remove the teacher will hopefully placate angry parents.

He added that teachers should be role models and exhibit proper behaviour at all times and also when punishment was necessary they should do it in a proper manner.

He also called on school directors to ensure that staff under their control were performing their duties properly and behaving appropriately.

(Source:Thai Rath)

By Juninho