Retired teachers to be re-hired.

In the wake of mass retirement of about 20,000 teachers at the end of September, the Teachers and Educational Personnel Committee has decided to re-employ on temporary basis some 5,000 retired teachers to ease the shortage of teachers in schools.

Mr Boonrak Yodpetch, secretary-general of Basic Education Commission, said on Friday that altogether 19,962 teachers in 11,326 schools retired at the end of September which marks the end of the fiscal year of the government and this has affected many schools which immediately experience shortage of teachers.

He said the Teachers and Educational Personnel Committee agreed to fill up all the vacancies and instructed educational offices throughout the country to start the employment process.

But during the period when new teachers are yet to be employed, he said the committee agreed to let schools to rehire altogether about 5,000 retirees to teach at least until the end of the semester.

Mr Boonrak said that educational offices were also told to hire temporary teaching staff to fill up some of the vacancies in schools which experience serious shortage of teachers.

He assured parents not to be worried too much about teachers’ shortage.


By Juninho