Tesco Lotus Continue Their Commitment To Fresh, Affordable Food

Tesco Lotus to revamp more stores.

Tesco Lotus has unveiled a “Fresh@Heart” campaign to underscore its commitment to providing high-quality fresh food at affordable prices.

It also touted its revamped flagship store on Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Soi 50, and announced that at least five more hypermarkets will undergo similar renovations this year to “improve the fresh food department”.

“We have continued our focus on improving our fresh food offerings, as fresh food is at the heart of our business,” said commercial director Sompong Rungnirattisai.

“We began lowering the prices of our fresh food in 2015 to help our customers save on the cost of living. We have also done extensive end-to-end developments of the entire fresh food supply chain, from sourcing, packing and distribution through to in-store displays, to uplift the quality of the fresh food sold in our stores.

“We are ready to embark on our next step,” he said, “which is to focus on enhancing the product quality and shopping experience for our customers, while keeping our prices affordable. Our key areas of focus are product quality, shopping experience and affordability.

In the past three years, our investments in fresh food have amounted to nearly Bt10 billion.”

(Source:The Nation, Thailand)

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