Tesco Lotus Pushes Food Exports From Thailand To UK

Shopper browsing Thai produce in Tesco shop in UK.


TESCO LOTUS, in collaboration with the Department of Inter-national Trade Promotion, has been hosting a “Taste of Thailand” festival at the Tesco Kensington store in the heart of London to promote a variety of quality Thai products bearing the Thailand Trust Mark, as well as exotic fruits from Thailand.

The Thai products will be available at 250 Tesco stores in the UK, giving Thai farmers and businesses an opportunity to reach international markets.

John Christie, chief executive officer of Tesco Lotus, said: “Throughout the 22 years we |have operated our business in Thailand, we have been committed to promoting sustainable growth of the Thai economy and society through income generation for farmers and business operators who supply their products through our network of 1,800 stores across Thailand.

“Apart from these domestic business opportunities, we have also supported exports of Thai products through the Tesco network, which spans across 10 countries. For the past decade, we have exported a variety of Thai products including fruits, chicken meat, shrimp, groceries, pet food, stationery and toys, to markets in Central Europe and Asia.

In 2016, the value of Thai products exported to Tesco stores in the UK exceeded Bt7.7 billion, double the value of a few years prior.

This year, Tesco Lotus has worked with the Thai Department of Inter-national Trade Promotion to promote Thai products bearing the Thailand Trust Mark, which guarantees their world-class quality standards. We are introducing Thailand Trust Mark products alongside exotic fruits at select Tesco stores in the UK in response to the increasing customers’ demand for authentic Thai taste.

To support the launch of these products, we are hosting the Taste of Thailand festival at our Kensington store to allow customers to experience a piece of Thailand through cooking demonstrations by Thai chefs and product sampling.

Customers will be able to find in our stores all of the ingredients that they will need to cook their very own Thai dishes at home. In addition to these food items, customers will be able to buy fresh Thai fruits such as mango and young coconuts from at least 250 stores located in every part of the UK. With the popularity of Thai food in the UK, I believe that customers will respond well to our Thai products.

Tesco Lotus is committed to continue supporting the Thai economy and society. We are creating additional programmes to bring products of Thai farmers and SMEs to important overseas markets, while focusing on offering high quality products at affordable prices to Thai customers,” Christie said.

(Source:The Nation,Thailand)


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