Thai Driving Licences: So Long As You Have One Arm Or Leg You’re Good To Go!


Caption: Service minded Grab Bike


Daily News reported on a feel good story on social media about a handicapped Grab Biker.


But the story revealed more about who is allowed to drive in Thailand.


The media said that so long as you have at least one arm or leg and you are not blind then you are good to go.

And being deaf is no problem at all!


The story concerned a woman called Suwimol who posted on Facebook about her journey to class.

She was late and had called Grab Bike for the first time.


The rider showed up and produced a polite card written in Thai and English that said he was deaf.

He requested that she point to either Drive Slowly (chaa) or Express (duan).


She was in a hurry and chose the express option. Throughout the journey the helpful rider checked on his passenger and provided a great service, she said. She arrived on time.


She helped him change a spelling mistake on his card – deaf had been spelled DEAT.


She said that it was great that deaf people had a chance to be just like anyone else and contribute to society. She saw no problem with him being unable to hear well noting that he may have been able to hear someone honking a horn.


Netizens shared the story in droves and loved it.


Daily News checked with the Department of Land Transport on who is allowed to drive in Thailand.


Their research showed that you need to be 15 to ride a motorcycle and 18 for a car.


Applicants must not be blind or color blind or have both legs or both arms missing.


But if you have one arm or one leg or are just blind in one eye that is okay.


Being deaf is also fine.


Contact a DLT office near you, they said finally.


(Source: – Daily News)

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