Thai FA Lose Credibility ……Again !

Thai FA

The Thai FA have once again laid themselves open to criticism with their ridiculous ruling regarding the two games that were abandoned on Saturday due to torrential rain. The games at Ratchaburi and BBCU were halted and the FA have stated that the games will be replayed and started from the minute they were stopped with the same score.

The conditions will  be different and the normal practice all over the world is that games are simply replayed from scratch. The “game” will be replayed on October 26, 6pm.

The fact that Buriram were were 1-0 down is irrelevant. Even if they were winning, the game should simply be expunged from the records. A famous example occurred in England in 1961 when Manchester City were leading Luton Town 6-2 in the FA Cup.


City’s renowned Scottish striker Denis Law had scored all six when the game was abandoned due to a water-logged pitch. When the match was replayed Luton won 3-1 and Law’s original goals were not counted, preventing him from being the all-time leading scorer in the FA Cup.

It is the only sensible course of action…..but this is Thailand !




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