Thai Govt Outlines 8-Step Process For People To Receive COVID-19 Vaccinations


Image: Reuters


The Thai government on Tuesday outlined an eight-step process for registration and vaccination at hospitals in the country.

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPHJ) said that by detailing what is required will help Thai people to “understand the process and be able to cooperate with medical personnel”.


Upon arrival at hospital, anyone receiving the vaccine will be required to follow these eight steps:


1.  Card registration;

2.  Personal weight and height measuring;

3.  Timeline screening, risk assessment, and signing the agreement for receiving the vaccine;

4.  Waiting to get the vaccination shot;

5.  Getting the COVID-19 shot;

6.  Observing symptoms for around 30 minutes, and Line official scanning on “Mor Prom”;

7.  Getting guideline documents for practice after getting the vaccine;

8.  Getting health assessment for after-effects and risk assessment, and following up after getting vaccination with “Dash Board” and Line official account.


The MOPH said everyone who has received the vaccine will be contacted after 7 and 30 days via the ‘Mor Prom’ Line  account. An appointment will also be arranged to receive a second dose of the vaccination.




The Thai government earlier confirmed that first it will begin its first rollout of the vaccine  to frontline health care workers later this week.


The vaccine to be used will be the Chinese made Sinovac Biotech, which was granted approval from Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Thailand has also ordered 26 million coronavirus vaccine doses from AstraZeneca, and reserved a further 35 million doses from the company.


These vaccines will be used in the country’s mass vaccination campaign from June.


Between April and June, Thailand will vaccinate those deemed most at risk.


Last week, officials confirmed that expats in Thailand will also be included in the vaccination campaign. While exact details of how and when the vaccine will be administered to foreigners has not yet been released, it is likely that this will also begin from June.


Private hospitals have also been given the greenlight to procure their own doses of the vaccine, providing the vaccines are FDA approved.


(Source: – Thai Visa News)

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