Masks hide embarrassment. (Photo:TipcableTV)

The women who received a free Pap smear test (cervical cancer) at a hospital in Kamphaeng Phet province last week didn’t need to feel embarrassed about getting an absolutely normal medical check, because they could hide behind creepy green masks.

This head-scratching initiative, called “The Mask Pap Smear,” was started by Sa Kaew sub-district office and the Nong Krot Hospital, to decrease the awkwardness between the doctors and patients who are shy about getting a gynecological exam.

The project was targeted at women aged 30-70.

According to sub-district governor Suwan Supakijchareon, the initiative was successful because many women showed up to get free Pap smears, now that they could wear a mask and didn’t need to let the doctors see their faces.

Perhaps some people feel that this is unnecessary but anything that encourages more women to have these potentially life-saving tests has to be applauded.


By Juninho