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The Buriram Times has been asked to provide information regarding the proposed new Immigration Office in Buriram. I was informed  that this IS going to happen and that the new office is close to completion, when I visited Kap Cheong last week. However, they could not give me a definite date, very soon being the best I got.

The new office will be in the grounds of the Provincial Offices which are situated next to the old football stadium. If you travel to the I-Mobile Stadium from Buriram (stadium on your right) continue on to the next set of traffic lights and turn left, the Provincial Offices are immediately on your left. The Immigration Office will provide all the services previously provided at Kap Cheong. We will of course publish the opening date when it has officially been confirmed.

The reason for my visit to Kap Cheong was to renew my retirement visa, an annual event which I do not particularly look forward to. Whilst I have never had serious problems in previous visits, it has never been a particularly enjoyable experience.

However, it was completely different this time. From my walking through the door, they could not possibly have been more pleasant or helpful. Whilst I was waiting to see an immigration officer, a young lady checked all my documents to ensure there were no problems.

As the office is now divided into two sections , Buriram and Surin, any officers who were not occupied chatted to waiting “customers” and offered them free coffee.

The atmosphere was very relaxed, something that was certainly not true in the past. The office was busy and I expected to be there for the usual three hours or so. In fact, I was back on the road within one and a half hours.

I believe that one of the most sociable officers is to head the Buriram office so the signs are good that this more relaxed atmosphere will be carried forward to the new office. I certainly hope so !



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  1. This is really very good news for all Farang in the area.

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