The “life-saving” amulets and statue.

A Thai man emerged from a horrific car crash claiming the amulets and statue that he had on his dash saved his life.

Sukhon Phuangsri escaped without so much as a scratch such was the power of the “magic”.

He was standing waiting for reporters by the wreckage of his Isuzu D-Max that had hit a lamppost breaking it in two.

The statue was of Luang Pu Thuat, well known for allegedly saving countless lives.

Sukhon said that he was on his way back to Yasothorn after attending a family funeral but his time had not come yet.

He said he was overtaking another vehicle and lost control.

However, the amulets and statue are unlikely to save him from costs arising from negligent driving and damaging public property.

Police were expected to charge him later yesterday.

I suppose we westerners will laugh scornfully at the man’s claims but when you see the extent of the damage to the vehicle you just might begin to wonder.


By Juninho