Thai Man Invents Pollution Free Generator That Doesn’t Need Fuel

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Image: INN


A Thai man says he has invented an environmentally friendly power generator that can generate electricity for up to 8 hours without using fuel.


Cheun Funkai, 75, who retired from his job at the Electricity Authority of Thailand 12 years ago, says he has been working on the generator for more than a decade.


Chonburi based Mr Funkai has copyrighted the device and already received a patent from Thailand’s Ministry of Commerce.


While he wouldn’t give away specific details about his generator, he told reporters that rather than needing oil, gas or coal to run, the generator uses a gear system which needs to be wound up by hand for about 15 minutes.


Once wound, it will generate electricity for between 6 to 8 hours.


He said it cost him about 16,000 baht to make the prototype generator.


Mr Funkai was featured in a report on Channel 3’s Morning News demonstrating the device.


(Source: – Thaivisa News)

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