PE teacher was allegedly allowed to rape students for three years.

A Thai teacher of physical education was effectively allowed to continue raping his students after an initial complaint.

A student complained three years ago that she was forced to the floor by the teacher.

But the claims of the girl were not properly investigated or acted upon.

The teacher was just fined two days wages as a slap on the wrist.

Then over the next three years he continued to rape more than 20 students.

Even now the authorities are still just setting up investigative committees though the teacher is finally out of the class.

He is shuffling paper in an inactive education department post while his case is discussed.

Education chiefs are talking about him losing his job. Nobody has mentioned jail.

An anti human trafficking unit staff member was clearly aghast during an interview as to how a teacher could rape so many over so long a period after a complaint was made about him.

Ronasit Preuksayasiwa explained how the teacher concerned asked the 16 year old girl to clean a classroom.

He then locked the door and forced her to the floor and tried to rape her.

A committee was set up and the police got involved but no one really believed the girl.

The teacher was just fined a couple of days’ wages and carried on.

But in the next three years he raped or molested 20 others.

Until finally at the beginning of this month a flood of complaints started on Facebook.

Said Ronasit: “If they had believed the student three years ago none of this would have happened”.

A Klong Toey, Bangkok, district official said that a committee had been set up.

“You have to understand our procedures”, she said condescendingly to a reporter.

She added that it is a serious case but guilt needs to be proved.

Then in an incredible and often heard comment: “If he is guilty he will lose his job in the civil service – you can be sure of that.”

No mention was made of prison.

She said the committee would report by the end of this month.

Times comment:- It is disgraceful how the crime of rape is taken so lightly here. It is a horrendous experience for any woman and it should carry a lengthy prison sentence.



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