Thai Road Carnage: Nearly 8000 Dead At The Scene This Year – July Tops 1000 – Wednesday’s 76 Is Worst Yet


Picture: Daily News


Daily News continued their campaign to raise awareness of the disgraceful carnage that continues on the Thai roads.


And it is only getting worse.


So far this year 7,969 people have been killed at the scene of accidents.


This does not include the number that die in hospital or on the way there. Consequently the actual figure is much higher and is often claimed to be about 24,000 to 26,000 per year, notes Thaivisa.


With two days to go in July the number of dead at the scene stands at 1,014.


The worst day in July so far was on Wednesday with 76 casualties.



Picture: Daily News


Statistics provided by an accident and drink driving awareness group shows that over the last few years matters are only getting worse.


As part of their warning to motorists on Thursday Daily News said that everyone should be careful at U-turns.


They published an horrific picture of a burnt out lady’s motorcycle.



Picture: Daily News


The rider had been killed after making a sudden turn on Pahonyothin Road in the Khok Samrong district of Lopburi in central Thailand.


(Source: – Daily News)

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