Thai Roads: 6,129 Dead So Far This Year – 729 This Month – 29 On Monday

Daily News reported the latest unofficial figures for people pronounced dead at the scene of road accidents in Thailand.


They cautioned that the figures were likely to rise when all agencies reporting the death toll had returned from days off.

The deaths on Monday were 29.

This made 729 so far this month.

Since the start of the year 6,129 had died at the scene of accidents.

Thaivisa notes that figures are in reality much higher when those that succumb in hospitals are taken into consideration. Some reports suggest the annual death toll in Thailand is somewhere between 24,000 and 30,000 with hundreds of thousands injured each year.

Thailand is said to be number two in the world for per capita road death.

In their headline Daily News said that brakes are important and should be regularly serviced.

This went along with a picture of a Nissan pick-up in which three people were injured after it collided and partly demolished the Amnat Charoen Service shop in Lam Lukka, Pathum Thani

Daily News are running a long term campaign to inform the public about the accident figures and are trying to improve road safety with their reports.

(Source: – Daily News)

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