Thai Tattoo Artist Having A Laugh Or Just Simply Cruel…..Farangs’ Terrible Tattoos Go Viral

One of the “offending?” tatoos

A bunch of farangs have got some of the most terrible tattoos in Thai language ever seen!

So much so that pictures of the offending – and offensive – words have gone viral on Thai social media.

At the very least no self-respecting Thai would desecrate themselves in this way!

And there are accusations that the tattooist is either having a laugh at the foreigners’ expense or he is genuinely cruel!

Most of the tattoos are random food names: One appears to say Khao Man Gai – Greasy Chicken Rice.

Another says: Luuk Chin Plaa Yaowarat – perhaps the name of a Chinatown establishment selling fish balls.

A western woman’s back is plastered with: Po Pia Sot – fresh spring rolls.

But Thais online reserved their sympathy – and laughs – the most for men who have had offensive wording inscribed on their bodies.

One says: Chan chorp hee le hee chorp chan – the word hee is very offensive and refers to the female sexual organ.

It might be translated as “I like c??t and c??t likes me”.

Another simply says: “Chan rak hee” – I love c??t. We hope you get the message and are not too offended.

No Thai in their right mind would use this word in jest let alone put it on a tattoo.

Facebook poster “Phanthana Chaichorfaa” who revealed the snaps said: “We feel sorry for you……haven’t you got a clue?”

While other comment was rife. “Gig Jansa” said: “The tattooist was either having a laugh – or was just downright cruel”.


(Source:-Facebook “Phanthana Chaichorfaa”)

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