Thai Teacher Faked Death To Avoid Getting Raped By House Intruder

Scene of attempted rape by home intruder

Attacked by an intruder and facing the imminent possibility of rape, a former school teacher in Thailand’s Sisaket province did the only thing she could think of at the weekend — she played dead. Miraculously, the gambit worked.

Ban Don Aow police station in the province’s Kantharalak District received a report regarding a house robbery and attempted rape in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The incident reportedly occurred at about 3am, when the victim was home alone.

It was raining heavily when the perpetrator broke in through the front door and ran straight into her bedroom.

According to the outlet, the burglar, reportedly, covered her mouth with his hand and punched her three times in the stomach three times, before pinning her down with his arm while trying to undress her.

“I tried to collect my thoughts and strength. And kept poking at his collar bone until a fight broke out.  But the thief was too big for me, so I pretended to be dead instead.”

Panicked, the burglar ran out of the house.

“Once I saw he had left, I ran outside to tell my neighbors what had happened,” she said. “My cousins took me to the police station to file a police report.”

After examining the crime scene and watching CCTV footage from five cameras in the area, local police have yet to identify a suspect. However, they believe it is likely the resident of a nearby neighbourhood.


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