Thai Woman Fined For Lane Changing But Look Carefully Where Her Car Was



Spot the problem!

Picture: Sanook

Thais laid into the police force yesterday for incompetence and being only interested in collecting fines.

The reason?

A Thai woman went online after she got a ticket through the post demanding 500 baht for illegal lane changing.

No problem there.

There was just one thing – her vehicle had broken down and was on the back of the rescue vehicle at the time.

It was being transported away for repair.

The owner went into a foray of facetiousness saying: “It’s a fair cop, you have all the evidence. I’m in the wrong right, gotta pay 500 baht right??”

She ended with some emojis and a halloween hashtag.

Posters online laid into the police for not checking properly and being only interested in taking people’s money.

(Source :-Sanook)

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