Thailand Claims To Have Found Cure For Baldness


Picture: Bangkok Business News


The Thais have found a great way to cure baldness and hair loss – extract of seaside mangrove tree.


A doctoral thesis carried out by a student at Chula led to the pharmacists there conducting research on a new extract from the coastal plants.


So far more than 50 baldies, both male and female, have been scientifically tested in the research and the results have been tremendous.


In fact Bangkok Business News went so far as to say that bald people could begin to smile again, even the 65% who suffer hereditary baldness and hair loss.


Dr Wanchai Dee-eknamkoon, who himself sports a fine head of black hair, said that 50 plus people suffering hair loss and baldness were tested and many had exhibited hair regrowth after just one month.



Picture: Bangkok Business News


Microscopic analysis showed this was going, literally to the root of the problem.


In comparison photography, less hair was falling out among the subjects and growth was thicker.


It is hoped that the product will get to market this year after approvals are successful.


(Source: – Bangkok Business News)

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