Thailand’s government is investing in a new motorway between NE Thailand and Bangkok together with a 60km stretch of dual-track train line between NAKHON RATCHASIMA (Korat) and Khon Kaen.

This is part of a larger project to upgrade the region’s freight transport to Thailand’s main deep sea port.


The governments plans to invest heavily in infrastructure as part of its economic policy to stimulate growth.

The Thai PM Prayuth, is to introduce at least 20 large projects. This will cost an estimated 2 trillion baht ($57 billion) over the next six years. Estimates are that at least 10% will be spent in Isaan — a huge sum.

The money will be spent mainly on the new motorway linking Bangkok to Korat, the gateway to Isaan and its largest city, and the expanded dual-track train link connecting Khon Kaen to Korat and on to the port of Laem Chabang on the eastern seaboard southeast of Bangkok.

The current single track is too congested to serve an as an efficient freight link for the Isaan region to transport its main crops to markets abroad.

The new motorway will mean a reduction in road travel time between Buriram and Bangkok.

Another  ‘megaproject’, a so-called Sino-Thai high speed train between Bangkok and Korat has not yet been approved by the cabinet.

Isaan Developing Already.

We have been regularly reporting on the massive investment in Buriram but our nearest neighbour is also developing fast.

Korat is starting to become know as a shoppers paradise for people in the region and from neighboring Cambodia and Laos. All three of Thailand’s largest Bangkok-based department store chains have built large outlets in the city.

The new motorway will bring travel time to the capital down to 2 hours. This has encouraged further investment in the City. ‘The Mall’ has had an outlet in Korat for many years but recently invested millions of  baht to extend it and even includes a “Snow Zone,” allowing many locals their first experience of a winter wonderland.

snow korat
Snow !

Korat is the gateway to Isaan so its development is sure to help the rest of the regions growth.