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Buriram, Thailand. 15-07-2016. Siam Date: 15/7/2559.


Lamborghini Racing at Buriram’s Chang International Circuit Next Week

Buriram, Thailand, a round up of the week’s Thailand centric news:

First of all for most Thai people a FIVE DAY  HOLIDAY starts tomorrow . Great news. The cabinet declared July 18 a public holiday but not all Thai-based companies will give their employees Monday off.  Asarnha Bucha Day falls on July 19 and Buddhist Lent Day on July 20. READ MORE


The State Railway of Thailand has announced that it’s bought some new swanky carriages from China. These will be used mainly on the long haul runs to Chiang Mai but also Ubon Ratchathani. Read More

New Highway Linking Pattaya and Ayutthaya- read more



In Pattum Thani: A massive monitor lizard walked through the entrance of a grocery store, obvioulsy scaring more

A police raid on a condo complex in Pattaya  took place this morning, looking for overstays. read more

Don’t overstay or fail to report:


The Thai immigration bureau website provides these stark warnings and  lots of interesting ways to extend your visa.

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Lamborghini racing at Chang Circuit Next Week.

From an expat point of view it was nice to see the £ moving back up to 47 Thai Baht yesterday, with the prospect of it returning to > 50 Thai Baht, let’s hope so.

Buriram remains a great place to  invest and live, with it’s low cost of living compared to Bangkok and other tourist centres. The town still retains a charm whilst being the centre for so much going on, plenty to do and lot’s of cultural as well as sporting events.

We hope everyone in the province and in Thailand as a whole has an enjoyable but safe holiday weekend.

Video of the Week:

Will it ever be safe to go to the toilet again? (Disclaimer: many other lovely resorts are available in Phuket.)

Have a great weekend


monitor lizard

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