Thailand Road Carnage: Death Toll Tops 12,000 Since Start Of The Year


Picture: Daily News


Daily News reported that 12,304 people have been reported dead at the scene of accidents in Thailand since the start of 2019.


They caution that this is only those that die at the scene – the reality is that death from road accidents is a lot more when all figures are collected.


Most experts agree that the figure is around 24,000 to 26,000 a year, notes Thaivisa.


On Monday 62 died bringing the total for November to 144.



Thai caption: Road death reduction campaign – 62 dead at scene on 4th November




Daily News are running a campaign to raise awareness of the dangers on Thai roads. They report the death toll daily along with accident reports.


This time they chose to warn people about the perils of changing lanes.


They said that a motorcyclist was killed outside a chicken rice shop on Petchkasem Road (outbound) in Muang district of Ranong in Thailand’s south.


The lane changing motorcyclist, hit by a pick-up driver who could not brake in time, was propelled into the back of another pick-up.


(Source: – Daily News)

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