Mon. May 23rd, 2022

Picture: Daily News

Daily News published the latest fatalities on the Thai roads, some of the most dangerous in the world.

And it was continuing grim reading.

They cautioned that their figures were just those that died at the scene of accidents. When those who die on the way to and later at hospitals are added the carnage is much worse.

Since January 1st the figure is 743.

In the same period last year it was 685 – and increase of 58 in 19 days.

Around 14,000 at the scene deaths have been recorded in recent years. But the real total is thought to be 25,000 – 80% of them motorcyclists.


Picture: Daily News

Lack of helmet wearing and drunk driving are cited as two major causes.

Lack of proper police enforcement, poor driver and rider training and political lip service to the issue are cited as contributing factors.


Picture: Daily News

Daily News list the figures every day. Yesterday they reported on the death of a Myanmar woman who was crushed after riding in the back of a pick-up carrying cement,  a story ASEAN NOW carried already.

The media, in their daily sound bite, warned that not slowing down for bends is particularly dangerous.

(Source: – Asean Now)

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