Thailand To Recruit 10,000 Foreign Teachers To Boost English Standards Of Thai Kids


Image: Daily News


Thailand’s education minister has appealed to foreign embassies and other organisations to help him find an extra 3,000 foreign teachers to help schools teach English and other subjects in English.


After a meeting with embassies and other groups Natapol Teepsuwan said that 64 million baht was being spent on the project.


He said that at present there are 7,000 foreign teachers in the kingdom. He said this is not enough for his plan to raise standards.


He wants the number raised to 10,000.


He needs foreign teachers to teach Thai children and teach Thai teachers to teach English.


Natapol used the term “jao khong phasa” when referring to the teachers he wants. This means native speakers.


Thaivisa notes that in stories of this nature the devil is usually in the detail. The Daily News story was rather lacking in that.


It was not mentioned in the Daily News story where these teachers might come from.


Thailand has faced criticism in the past for hiring English teachers from other Asian countries, such as the Philippines, though no mention was made of this issue by Daily News.


They said that the education minister felt that if the foreign teachers he hires teach the Thais to be better English teachers, then by three years time he won’t need so many foreigners to teach in Thai schools.


(Source: – Daily News

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