allIn a hotly contested darts match ,”Thailand” took on the “Rest of the World” at Bamboo Beer Bar last night.

The “Thailand” team consisted of a mix of Bamboo staff, regulars and friends. Meanwhile the “Rest of the World” team was made up of an all sorts bag of nationalities, mostly being of the British variety.

Although the competition was fierce, good humour was an integral element of the night’s play.

Strong,vociferous support followed the “Thailand” team. Consequently ,cheers drowned out the house and nearly brought the roof down on a number of occasions.

In the singles matches, to even more screaming and shouting, the Thai ladies won all their matches against their “Rest of the World” counterparts. The singles however still ended up as a draw.

Thailand Team – Ladies Winning all Their Singles Matches


In the doubles matches the “Rest of the World” managed to just win.

The “Rest of The World” Team

rest of the world

Full credit must again go to the Thai ladies who won all of their singles matches against their farang partners. No names shall be mentioned of course.

Finally, making the night special was the forged friendships between farang and locals.  Seeing both Thais and expats enjoying an event together was the high point of the night. Here’s to the next game.