Daily News reported that road deaths at the scene of accidents in the kingdom has now passed 7,000 in 2019.


With 51 deaths on Monday the figure is now at 7,078 for the year.

They cautioned that this is ONLY those that die at the scene. In reality the figure is much higher when all fatalities are totted up.

Earlier this month the head of Thailand’s anti-drink driving foundation Dr Thaejing Siriphanich put the annual death toll on Thai roads as about 24,000.

This would mean that between 65-70 die on average every single day in Thailand.

Daily News – in their continuing campaign to raise awareness about the carnage on the Thai roads – highlighted tailgating as a particular problem.

They said that three occupants in a pick-up – two men and a woman – were killed on Monday when their vehicle went into the back of a ten wheel truck in Sadao, Songkhla in southern Thailand.


(Source: – Daily News)