Thanachart Piamlapthanaboon fluent in English.

Thais who can speak English and converse with foreigners comfortably have a big advantage in the workplace.

In addition to getting better jobs and more money their life is enhanced by being able to speak English.

The TNA video began with a young man called Thanachart Piamlapthanaboon who has won an award from Cambridge University in the UK.

He gave an articulate speech about learning in which he stated that there should always be a purpose behind your actions.

His efforts at being brave in speaking to foreigners and using reading and movies to enhance his abilities have given him a leg up while other classmates are stuck in the boring rut of rote learning for tests.

The report featured Christopher Wright – also known as Chris Delivery – who runs a succesful language school in Bangkok.

Chris is a native speaker of English who went to Bangkok Patana School, one of the leading British international schools in Bangkok.

He promotes the idea that grammar is only a small part of learning and that children should be encouraged to develop in many different ways using English stimulus from all around them.

Online learning and talking to foreigners are two of the ways. Chris is determined to take children out of formal rote learning and give them real experiences that will make them grow.

University chiefs backed his stance and said that in the job marketplace it was proven that ability at English was prized and valuable leading to better employment prospects, higher salaries and a better social life too.


By Juninho