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Thais conning Thais! this time it’s a 30 million baht Ponzi scheme run from Australia
Following strange claims earlier in the week that Thais don’t con Thais comes news that a Thai woman and her gang operating out of Melbourne and Sydney has ripped off 100 of her compatriots.
The Ponzi scheme has caused losses of 30 million baht to gullible investors.
The case first broke when those who had been conned went to Lt-Gen Surachate “Big Joke” Hakparn on his website for help.
The case involves a woman who sold shoes on Facebook but offered shares in the scheme as well. As with all such schemes high interest was initially paid before contact ceased and investments were taken.
Some lost nearly a million baht each.
Yesterday legal representation was made in Bangkok on behalf of the victims.
Earlier in the week the chief of Region 1 police had said that he had never heard of a case of Thais ripping off Thais – it was always foreigners doing the dirty work.
It was noted that it was unclear whether he was solely referring to “romance scams” though those cases also routinely involve Thai women working alongside mostly African scammers.
Source: INN News

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